Feature comparison

On-demand (non-bundling) dev server✅ Vite
Nested layouts✅ (since 0.1)
Deploying on Cloudflare Workers✅ (since 0.5)
Localized routes⛔ ²✅ (since 0.5)
Zero config✅ (since 0.1)
Server-side rendering✅ (since 0.1)
Filesystem-based routing✅ (since 0.1)
Client-side navigation✅ (since 0.1)
API Routes✅ (since 0.1)
CSS✅ (since 0.1)
Code-splitting and bundling✅ (since 0.1)
TypeScript✅ (since 0.1)
React Fast Refresh✅ (since 0.1)
Static site-generation✅ (since 0.4)
Deploying on Vercel✅ (since 0.5)
Deploying on Netlify✅ (since 0.5)
Large community and ecosystem⛔ ¹
Incremental static generation⛔ (planned)
Image optimization⛔ (planned)
Streaming SSR⛔ (planned)
React 18 (server components etc.)⛔ (planned)
Catch-all routes ([...])⛔ (planned)
Link prefetching⛔ (planned)
Legacy browsers (IE 11 etc.)⛔ (considered)


  1. Rakkas itself doesn't have a large community, but the Vite ecosystem is impressive and ever growing.
  2. Next.js doesn't really support localization of URL paths, only language detection: i.e. it allows /en/home and /fr/home, but not /fr/accueil.