Bleeding-edge React framework powered by Vite

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⚡  Lightning fast development

Build fast with instant server start and hot module reloading

🖥️  Server-side rendering

Render pages on the sever with streaming support for excellent SEO

⬇️  API-less data fetching system

Access your backend directly without having to implement an API layer

🚀  Deploy anywhere

Deploy on Node, Vercel, Netlify, Cloudflare Workers...

📄  Static site generation

Optionally, export a static site that can be hosted on any CDN or static server

📁  File system-based routing

Organize your pages, layouts, and endpoints in an intuitive manner

Turkish rakkas [ɾɑkːˈɑs] < Arabic رقاص
1. (Male) dancer.
2. (obsolete) Pendulum.