What is Rakkas?

Rakkas is a web framework powered by React and Vite that aims to have a developer experience similar to Next.js. Many of its features are also inspired by Svelte Kit. Important features are:

  •   Lightning fast development
  • 🖥️  Hassle free server-side rendering
  • 📄  Static site generation
  • ☸️  SPA-style client-side navigation
  • 📁  Intuitive file system-based routing
  • ⬇️  Simple but effective data fetching system
  • ⚙️  API routes to build and organize your backend

We're also aiming to support deploying to serverless environments and localizable routes before we hit 1.0.

Is Rakkas right for you?

  • Although many features have been implemented, Rakkas is still in development. There will be breaking changes until we hit 1.0. As such, it's not yet ready for production use. If you need a stable React framework try Next.js or Gatsby.
  • Rakkas doesn't aim compatibility with Next.js. Check out Vitext if you want to port a Next.js application to Vite.
  • Rakkas is somewhat opinionated. If you need more flexibility try vite-ssr-plugin.