What is Rakkas?

Rakkas is a bleeding-edge full-stack React framework powered by Vite. You can consider it an up-and-coming alternative to Next.js, Remix, or Gatsby.

Important features are:

  • ⚡  Lightning fast development server
  • 🖥️  Streaming SSR with Suspense
  • 🔀  Dynamic rendering (full static pages for bots, streaming for browsers)
  • ⬇️  API-less data fetching system
  • 🚀  Support for serverless and worker environments
  • 📄  Static site generation
  • 📁  Flexible file system router
  • ⚙️  API routes with middleware support

Is Rakkas right for you?

  • Although many features have been implemented, Rakkas is still under heavy development. It uses experimental and/or beta features of React and Vite. Minor releases will introduce breaking changes until we hit 1.0. As such, it's not yet ready for production use. If you need a stable React framework try Next.js, Remix, or Gatsby.
  • Rakkas is fairly opinionated. If you need more flexibility try vite-ssr-plugin.